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Currently, there are more than 200 mass torts and associated settlement funds in the United States. 80% of the potential claimants for any mass tort never file a claim because:

  • They are unware that they have a claim.
  • They are distrustful of lawyers.
  • They are afraid they will have to pay to file a claim.

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MedLogic partners with your doctor to bring you real resources and real

By working with MedLogic, you can participate in settlements that you’re eligible for, based on your medical history.  We aren’t lawyers. MedLogic is a provider of digital advocacy resources that include information on legal help as well as information on clinical trials, local and national support groups, and other resources for your specific diagnosis.

Areas of Expertise

While our advocacy resources will remain available, there is a time limit for entering into the claims process for eligible patients. This will vary by state.

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Several studies have shown an increased risk of developing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after exposure to glyphosate weed-killer (Monsanto Roundup).
If you have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or multiple myeloma and have been exposed to Roundup, you may be eligible to file a claim.
Hernia Mesh

If you have had complications due to hernia mesh that required subsequent surgery to repair, you may be eligible to file a legal claim.
Possible complications include, but are not limited to, adhesions, obstruction, chronic pain, and infection.

Hernia Surgical Mesh Implants | FDA

Study Finds Mixed Results for Use of Mesh for Hernia Repair – For The Media – JAMA Network

Metal On Metal Hips

Metal-on-metal hip implants have been linked to complications that often require revision surgery. Some of these complications
include implant failure, metallosis (leaching of potentially toxic metals into the system), pain, and reduced mobility.
If you required a revision surgery due to the failure of a metal-on-metal hip implant, you may be eligible to file a legal claim.

Concerns about Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants | FDA

About Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants – OrthoInfo – AAOS

Talcum Powder Related Ovarian Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after regular use of talcum powder, you may be eligible to file a legal claim.
We also offer multiple resources for ovarian cancer patients. A sampling of these resources are listed below. For more resources or information, please contact MedLogic.

Resources for Ovarian Cancer Patients:

Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials:

Recruiting and upcoming clinical trials, United States, ovarian cancer

(Clinical trials have specific inclusion/exclusion criteria. MedLogic can help locate a trial based upon your health history and needs)

Our current projects are focused on settlements associated with various cancers including:

  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, due to potential exposure to glyphosate (Roundup Technology®, Monsanto).
  • Ovarian Cancers in conjunction with regular use of talcum powder.

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